2021 Electric Fly-In

BMAC Electric Fly-In Sunday 17th October 2021

After two false starts we had our fly-in and the weather was kinder to us than forecast. Light winds and even the sun making an appearance in the afternoon.

Our event was well attended with approximately 50 flyers during the day and 20 family, friends and watchers.  We were also pleased to welcome several members of neighbouring clubs from Reading, Fleet, Popham, Winchester and Model Bau.

I counted over 80 models of all types including large gliders, 3D flyers, warbirds, high and low wing, tilt wing and flying wing planes. The irritating Sparrows, the club build project, also made their screaming appearance.  We had some brilliant 3D flying, graceful chasing between a Spitfire and a Fokker Wolf, and almost three large scale A10s – two made it into the air.

The calorie count was high with an excellent BBQ and afternoon tea and cakes thanks to the work of Chak and Jim. Many thanks to those members who provided the cakes.

At an event with this number of flyers there were a few accidents and close calls: one total, a couple of Spits lost their wheels and an A10 after a handbrake turn lost a nose wheel.

We made three awards during the day for best models and interesting skills:

Chris Welch from the Fleet Club for his Mosquito was presented with a flying wing with lights for night flying donated by Essential RC.


Chris Welch from the Fleet Club with his Mosquito

Roy Thompson from BMAC for his Provost was presented with a selection of glues donated by Deluxe Materials.

Roy Thompson from BMAC for his Provost

An award of the coveted BMAC Raspberry went to Colin Low for his excellent Barnes Wallis style hand launch. Amazingly the plane recovered and wobbled away.  George, the pilot, will see he gets his prize.

Many thanks to Deluxe Materials and Essential RC for their support for the Club.

We have received many photos of the event. A selection is posted below.